Know what will sell
and what will not
Know what will sell
and what will not

The fastest most cost efficient way to find out product ranking on Amazon.

ProductRanker is a simple easy to use service that will make a remarkably cost and quality difference to your purchasing process.


Rankings are accurate, direct from Amazon, no more bad purchasing due to incorrect Rank Analysis

Save Costs

Product Ranking & Pricing is extremely useful information that can help your company make better purchasing decisions, inventory management, directly feedback on marketing performance, monitor pricing and more.

What it does

SalesRankChecker gives you product information like rank, selling price, pictures, number of sellers etcetra for your stock list.

Simple to use

Our tool is very simple to use. However on our standard plus plan, our team can take care of everything so you do not even have to log in.

Brand owners

Use the Sales Rank to monitor affect of price changes, advertising campaigns and to see how your products demand directly correlates to competitors. Our Service is used by blue chip brand owners as well as book publishers.
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