1. 1. Upload a csv file were at least one column is either an Asin or Ean ( barcode).
  2. 2. On Sales Rank Checker , map the column
  3. 3. Select what marketplaces and information you require
  4. 4. Submit. The file will start processing within 5-15 minutes and your be able to preview the results by
        clicking on the country file on the right hand column.

Not working?:

  1. 1. Truncated numbers
       Sometimes Excel doesnt like barcode numbers and truncates the numbers, all you need to do is
       selectthe column and right click and set format to other > General. To check, just drop the csv file
       into notepad and your see the full barcode numbers.
  2. 2. Non .csv file format
       To save an excel file as a .csv, just click file, save as and select .csv in the options just underneath
       the filename


  1.    The tracking feature will track your asins and email you daily a rank report, perfect if you are tracking the same items every single day.

Comparison graphs

  1.    If you have a set of products that you need to compare preformence against. For example your product and a similiar compeititor product then add to the compare and Save it and your be emailed a chart daily. It's also perfect to directly monitor impact of any Marketing campaign.