Know what will sell
and what will not
Know what will sell
and what will not

Product Ranking Made Easy

Used by Suppliers, Distributors & Retailers worldwide to work out what sells automatically

Product Rank & Category checker:

Our state of the art rank checker enables you to query 1000's of products and return the product rank, price, category and even images. Ideal for refreshing your inventory, finding out popular items you might have missed, checking supplier product lists.

All Amazon territories:

Our system, for no extra cost, can provide product rank details for all Amazon marketplaces with just one extra click. American, European and even Asian- we have your product ranking covered. You can use this data to enable you to pinpoint what to sell were or if you are already selling, how well your product is doing.

Boost your financial results: will lead to an immediate boost to your business efficiency. You will be able to dissect a long product list into an order quickly, accurately and without office staff costs. A 5000 product list can take up to 41 hours for office staff to check individually. Product Ranker can reduce that human cost to less then 2 minutes.

Simple to use interface: has been designed to be extremely easy to use. Designed by a Human Computer interaction expert, the system requires no training to use which means there is no learning curve. Simply upload your file and results will automatically appear for preview and download

Amazing possibilities.

Finally know what percentage of your inventory is slow, make better purchasing decisions, instantly gauge effect on marketing, monitor prices


We provide an efficient personal helpful support. Should you have any issues or need guidance, we are happy to help.

Value added Services:

Our Value added plans provide a fast efficient manual checking process included for free. Our trained experts are usually able to return rank etcetera within 2 hours. You do not need to even use the system, our team are also able to do ANY remote admin work for you, from setting up products, adding listings, creating purchase orders, even price checking on any marketplace or WMS system. No need to share any passwords.

No barcodes? No problem!

When recieving supplier product lists sometimes they don't give the barcodes which can be annoying and frustrating! This makes its very time consuming to enter the data into Amazon, with our NO BAR NO PROBLEM service you simply provide us the raw data in any format, and our trainned experts will manually go and capture all the barcodes for you! Saving hours of your time.

The results can be returned back within 3 hours of submission! this means you get results on demand!